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2010-11-21 20:40:09 by RubyAussieChick

wazzap facebookers......add me, me seriously bored over here..need someone to chat to !
The adress to add me on is still on my page....u should see the photo below come up when u type my email adress in...


Ka-Boom !

2010-11-21 13:30:49 by RubyAussieChick


Ka-Boom !

Halo lolz

2010-11-18 17:44:34 by RubyAussieChick

i just watched halo marine tales for probably the millionth time and it still perplexes me as to what the song when the domino gets shot is....


considering im in a fairly good mood you're very lucky otherwise this would have turned into something i probably could be arrested for.

Basically im laying down someground rules of personal and mental decency, hence i asked you to read them if you even wish to talk to me.

1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...dont call me hot/sexy/babe/gorgeous/stunner....its not dosent make me like you any more and its not gonna make me love you.

2.Stop asking me if i have a cam...theyre fucking horrible, they slow my laptop down and i genuinely dont like them, as a photographer i genuinely despise the quality of image that even the top end cams throw out.

3. if we have musical indifferences thats okbut shit on my favourite band and youre gonna get fucked off.

4. if you want me to stop swearing...fuck off (im an Aussie...theres fuck all you can tell me to do)

5. want me to stop smoking or dislike smoking ?.....fuck off....

6. if ur gonna tell me that playstation is better than xbox.....fuck off

7. if you think ill EVER send you nudes....fuck off.

8. if you want to speak to me on IM or MSN...please make it interesting...dont ask how my day was and what ive done...then go quiet for about current issues or fears, or something worth talking about .

8b. make a fucking effort to talk to me not gonna have freinds on facebook that cant even be fucked to talk to me.

9. make australian jokes if u want...but slate my family or freins and ur gonna get fucked off again

10. i use slang...if u dont understand what i meant...ask...its not hard...ill only be too happy to tell u...dont carry on the conversation talking abt shit then asking what i meant.

11. yes i am a cold heartless bitch and im not afraid to say things that others wouldnt...if you cant handle it...please .....fuck off (e.g. all hippies ARE cunts and agreeably most americans are fat useless wankers)

If you undertsand these rules then leave a comment below...if you dont leave a comment thenill know youve fucked me off and you arent worth talking to...

other than that...have a nice day ! x


2010-10-26 00:26:51 by RubyAussieChick

i love lady gaga and everything about her....nuff said....

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aussie jokes...

2010-10-25 12:10:50 by RubyAussieChick

i got bored and decided to put a few jokes up for the masses that poke fun at not only myself but also my freinds and fellow countrymen...if youve got a good aussie joke...feel free to post it up...

Why do Australians call their favourite drink XXXX?

Because they can't spell beer.

Why can't Aussie blokes take their girlfriends to the cricket?

They eat all the grass.

An Australian driving instructor is taking young Bruce out on a lesson in the Outback, when they find the road's blocked.

The instructor says, "Bruce, have you ever made a U-turn?"

Bruce says, "No, but I once made a ram's eyes water."

Why did the Aussie break his leg throwing a ball?

He forgot it was still chained to his foot.

What do you call an Australian with a sheep under one arm and a goat under the other?


aussie jokes...

viva la revolution !

2010-10-24 09:12:46 by RubyAussieChick

i might have a word with tom fulp....its annoying me that photography is an art form and i cant express myself in such a way on the art forum....i do understand that there would be morons would be trying to upload photos of their dogs and emo freinds but surely some of us want to do this in a way of my own...

If monitored carefully this could work and i think that it could be a new 'doorway' to a more productive mods would have to up their game and being scouted should be harder but with bigger benefits for the artists themselves. As a professional photographer I would PERSONALLY be the mod for this if need be and i would take the heat should something go wrong.

But its just a always, the lone voice on the internet never gets heard so i need help on this one.

Below ive posted one of my photos from a boredom shoot i did one day at work but i work to a much higher standard than this and im a stickler for detail.

viva la revolution !

reeequest !

2010-10-20 18:10:40 by RubyAussieChick

anyone good with images ? like to get a userpage header bar but one wants to help out.....Drop me a PM if you fially gonna spend a good amount of time on NG so i wanna make it personal to me....

Oh also....ONE OF MY DRAWINGS GOT VOTED 10 MUAHAHAH !!!!.....*epic happiness* lol

P.s. Dont be shy to hit me up on facebook....could always use a few more freinds

reeequest !


2010-10-19 15:29:56 by RubyAussieChick

I need someone whos a dab hand at photoshop or any other image awesome-ifying programs to do me a couple of favours.... If you can help add me on msn (the adress thats on my page) and ill tell ya what id like to do.

If its any consolation im a photographer butim just useless with all that side of artistic imagery -_-

seriously though....try and beat my awesomeness on legendary.....CHICKS DO PLAY HALO Y'KNOW !

i can has reach godess status ?